Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nicole Scherzinger - Pretty

Nicole Scherzinger gets angry in her new single "Pretty", the latest offering from the upcoming US edition of her debut album 'Killer Love', which after many delays will finally be released stateside in early 2012 via Interscope Records - 'Pretty' is a powerful mid-tempo number produced by Patrick Smith, who's worked with the likes of Britney, or Beyonce. 'Pretty' is certainly different to what Nicole has offered us in the past. It's more R&B/pop, with a catchy hook, and relatable lyrics. I like the fact Nicole keeps trying to crack America as a soloist. Hopefully 'Pretty' will be the one.

When I was your woman
And you was my man
You used to say the sweetest things to me
But you was always good at that
You used to tell me I was pretty
The best that you ever had
And there was nothing more important to you
Than being with the perfect ten

So my, my nails were done
I had my hair on point
Got my, my body tight the way you like it boy

Yes I played the part
Then you broke my heart
As if I mean nothing to you
Can't believe how you made me feel pretty

Pretty upset
Pretty broken
I feel so pretty
Pretty messed up
Pretty much done
Now without your so called pretty
All in all it pretty messed up
I don't wanna be pretty no more

When I was your woman (Whoo)
And you was my man
I tried to share my world with you
But you just did not give a damn
You just tell me I was pretty

As if that's all that I am
It's like you never even knew me
Or tried to get to know me
Was just an accessory
Oh can't believe