Thursday, 6 September 2012

Maroon 5 - Beautiful Goodbye

Hungered for your love
Thirsted for your passion
Written in the fine lines of my face
Mirrored in the reflective tracts of my eyes
My intentions were clear
Yours were blurred by the watery ripples of uncertainty
of which cautionary symbol my weak heart chose to waver

Foolishly I took love's fatal leap
blindly I reached for some solidity
only to fall into the ravine, a mere toddler step from the cliff's edge
if only the safety net of your adulation had been under me
my fragmented body would be whole today

You were my rock, my supportive backbone
and all that you left was a puddle of broken promises broken dreams and a broken me
so here I am amidst a jaded dream that you would return
but you arent to be had for the wanting
my attempts at pursuit would only play catalyst to an untimely demise

Tonight I release you from my haunted thoughts
I need to mend, I need to heal
My hands are empty of their clinging grasp
Turn away now and leave me the pieces to nurse alone
Time has now arrived...

for your beautiful goodbye...