Monday, 3 September 2012


I brush my teeth and look in the mirror
And laugh out loud as I'm beaming from ear to ear
I'd rather pick flowers instead of fights
And rather than flaunt my style, I'd flash you a smile
Of clean pearly whites

I've been to the dentist a thousand times
So I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow, I still get the chills

"Have a seat," he says pleasantly
As he shakes my hand and practically laughs at me
"Open up nice and wide," he says peering in
And with a smirk he says "Don't have a fit, this will just pinch a bit."
As he tries not to grin

When hygienists leave on long vacations
That's when dentists scream and lose their patience

Talking only brings the toothaches on me
'Cause I say the stupidest things
So if my resolve goes south
I'll swallow my pride with an aspirin and shut my mouth

Golf and alcohol don't mix
And that's why I don't drink and drive
Because good grief, I'd knock out my teeth
And have to kiss my smile goodbye

I've been to the dentist a thousand times
So I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow I still get the chills

Dental Care
Dental Care By Owl City. For piano, voice, and guitar (chords only). Pop; Rock. 7 pages. Published by Hal Leonard - Digital Sheet Music (HX.142904)

Here are some home dental care tips - 

1.Cloves are well known for their anti-bacterial properties and thus, it is advised to keep one clove in your mouth after every meal. It destroy germs and thus, saves your teeth from decaying and keeps gums healthy. For toothache, clove oil is one of the best remedies. 

2.Another excellent dental care tip is to use home made toothpaste. Mix 6 teaspoons of baking soda, 1/3 spoon of salt, 4 teaspoons of glycerin and 15 drops of peppermint oil. Mix this all into a thick paste and use it to clean your teeth. You will be surprised to see the difference and your mouth will also feel fresh. This kills germs, assures strong teeth and also is food for the gums. 

3.Make it a habit to massage you gums everyday with salt and garlic paste. This cures all gum problems and also assure strong teeth. 

4.Neem Stick is well known for it's anti bacterial properties and thus assures complete cleaning of the teeth. Chewing on the neem stick, strengthens your teeth. 

5.Lettuce is also well known for it's oral health property. Chewing on some lettuce leave or drink it's juice is recommended for oral health. 

 6.Diet – Its very important to include calcium rich food for health teeth and gum. Grains, fruits, vegetables, poultry and dairy products should be included in your diet for good oral health. Follow these six home dental care tips for a good oral health and an awesome smile.